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Golden Gate Empire

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Golden Gate Empire

Published 1960

Historical reenactments of northern California and Sierra Nevada history; Gold Rush, etc.
Wine making
Agricultural production and farmworkers in Central Valley
San Simeon, Hearst Castle
Monterey Peninsula
Sierra Nevada and Yosemite

01:38:16:00 begin San Francisco sequence (10 mins, many good images)
Golden Gate Bridge
fishing boat in harbor
wave breaks over bow of boat, soaks front windowpane
aerial of SF city piers, VS shipping
Bananas being unloaded on conveyor into Union Pacific Railroad boxcar; longshoremen working
Aerial and VS Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
Fishermen's Wharf, customary shots
aerials Coit Tower
VS North Beach-Telegraph Hill area
tracking shot through Richmond, Sunset or West of Twin Peaks area showing attached houses
POV on Lick Freeway, old black signs
VS major downtown buildings
downtown street scenes and sidewalks
cable cars VS
Top of the Mark
aerial downtown, Bay Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge VS
downtown at magic hour
nighttime view from Twin Peaks
Chinatown neon at night
Fishermen's Wharf at night
Bimbo's 365 Club neon at night: Alan Carney, Ann Mason, ? Richards featured
The Village neon sign
London Broil and salad being served at restaurant table
Market Street neon at night

Producer Union Pacific Railroad (?)
Sponsor Union Pacific Railroad, Motion Picture Bureau
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 8, 2013
Subject: Here I come!
Grand tour of California here. A little history lesson is shown about how California grew from gold, and even that is interesting enough. It segues into a great natural exploration of Cali, from it's water, forests and mountains, to finally, the city. Apparently California just has one, San Francisco, and that's given a great profile here as well. A very very nice film. Highly Reccomended!
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